Dog Photo Challenge ~ Paw

I adore the feeling when the dog’s touch me with their paws.

Sometimes it’s to get my attention.

Sometimes it’s to wake me because they think it’s past their breaky time (fortunately, not too often).

Sometimes it’s for tricks like ‘High 5’ or ‘Shake’.

Sometimes it’s to reassure me.

Whichever the reason, dogs often communicate with us through the touch of their paws.  

We thought for this week, focussing on their paws for the dog photo challenge would be an especially lovely thing to do.  

This Week’s Theme: PAW

Aside from just being awfully sweet, the your dogs paws are wonderfully designed to enable our dogs to perform many of their doggie feats!  Did you know that:

  • a dog’s pawshave a thick layer of fatty tissue that insulates the inner foot tissues from extreme temperatures. Also as the paw gets cold when it hits the ground, arteries transfer the chilled blood back to the body where it warms up again. Because of these traits, dogs are much more adept at walking on frozen grounds than us humans.
  • dogs are digitigrade animals, meaning that their digits — not their heels — take most of their weight when they walk.
  • OR, that dogs are likely to appreciate a good paw massage – research has found it helps them to relax and promote better circulation.

Whether big, furry, slender, elegant, athletic, webbed or floppy your dog’s paws are a beautiful and amazing part of them.  We can’t wait to see the photos you come up with in this week’s dog photo challenge.  It’s your chance to create beautiful memories of this aspect of your dog.

Don’t forget to also share the theme with or tag your friends who will love to play along!

Some ‘PAW’ Inspiration

Want some inspiration? Here’s some adorable dogs and the sweet ways they use their paws to help inspire you to take and share your own adorable dog photos in this week’s challenge.

Puppy Tales Photo Challenge - Paw

Share Your ‘PAW’ Photos

Meeting and hearing all about your dogs and the love you have for them makes our day! There’s lots of ways to share your photos for this weeks challenge:

On Facebook – Post your photo under the theme post when it appears on Facebook.

On Instagram – Tag your photos that fit the theme with #pt_paw so we can find them!

In the Comments – Share your photo in the comments below. If you have photos on other photo sharing sites (like 500px or Flickr) then feel free to leave a link to your photo in the comments.

However you share, don’t forget to include your dogs name/s. If there is a great story, or puppy tale, that goes with your photo them we’d also love to hear it! Especially if you’re sending us something creative and we may not immediately ‘get’ how your photo fits the theme!


Kerry Martin

Kerry is 'Top Dog' here at Puppy Tales. With her own adored dogs, she completely gets that your four legged furry buddy is absolutely part of the family. That they sleep on the bed, that you want to take them everywhere, that you plan holidays so they’re included & that their presence makes your life incredible.