Dog Photo Challenge ~ Head Tilt

We all adore a dog head tilt, don’t we?

It’s right up there with one of a dog’s cutest behaviors: when they appear to be listening or concentrating intently, and then cock its head to one side as if to better understand!

Your dog’s direct eye contact! Their curiosity or confusion so evident!  Their undivided attention, even if for a fraction of a second!  Doggie head tilts have an wonderful way of warming our heart!

This Week’s Theme: HEAD TILT!

We can’t wait to see your dog’s head tilt action!  As always you’re welcome to apply the theme creatively!  Also don’t forget to also share the theme with your friends who will love to play along!

Not all dogs are head tilters, but the most explanation as to why they do it is that they are adjusting the position of the head to better help the dog hear, and therefore better assess the noise and situation.  Other theories, though, suggest it is to do with a dog’s vision (to better see around their nose!), that it is to signal to use that they are concentrating or engaged with our communications or that we’ve trained them to do it by positively reinforcing the behaviour.

So, here’s a couple of quick tips to encourage a doggie head tilt or two when taking their photo:

  • Make sure that you dog is relaxed – anxious or apprehensive dogs are far less likely to exhibit head tilt behaviour.
  • Make a voice sound that their not familiar with or that’s new – a siren, whooping, your impression of the dog next dog, etc!
  • Ask them questions (our voices naturally rise when questioning which sends a different signal to your dog.
  • Use a squeaker or noisy toy when they are ready for their photo.  You can try hiding this from their sight to further raise your dog’s curiosity as to what the noise is and where it’s coming from.
  • Use a dog bark ring tone or a squeaker app on your phone.
  • Have someone else open a door or enter the room (best if this is behind where you’re taking a photo).

Some ‘HEAD TILT’ Inspiration

Want some inspiration? These are just some of my favourite doggie head tilts!

Puppy Tales Dog Photo Challenge ~ Headtilt

Sharing your ‘HEAD TILT’ Photos

Meeting and hearing all about your dogs and the love you have for them makes our day! There’s lots of ways to share your photos for this weeks challenge:

  • On Facebook – Post your photo under the theme post when it appears on Facebook.
  • On Instagram – Tag your photos that fit the theme with #pt_headtilt so we can find them!
  • In the Comments – Share your photo in the comments below. If you have photos on other photo sharing sites (like 500px or Flickr) then feel free to leave a link to your photo in the comments.

However you share, don’t forget to include your dogs name/s. If there is a great story, or puppy tale, that goes with your photo them we’d also love to hear it! Especially if you’re sending us something creative and we may not immediately ‘get’ how your photo fits the theme!


Kerry Martin

Kerry is 'Top Dog' here at Puppy Tales. With her own adored dogs, she completely gets that your four legged furry buddy is absolutely part of the family. That they sleep on the bed, that you want to take them everywhere, that you plan holidays so they’re included & that their presence makes your life incredible.