Community Guidelines: Puppy Tales

The Puppy Tales Philosophy

Here at Puppy Tales we’re mad about dogs, and are all about living the best life with your dog.

We unashamedly celebrate dogs, share the love of dogs, and all the wonderful things about them. We never judge one dog against another, be that little vs large, pet vs working dog, purebred vs crossbreed, or rescue vs from a breeder.

Our aim is for the Puppy Tales community to be an inspiring, enjoyable and safe place for all. This means we expect everyone to behave with courtesy and respect at all times and that you can expect the same from us.

Puppy Tales Does NOT Tolerate

Just as you don’t like bad behaviour from your dog, we don’t like and won’t tolerate visitors who are rude, prejudiced or pass judgemental criticism.  This will lead to your immediate removal/ban from the community.

If you wouldn’t say it to your best friend (human or four-legged), then don’t say it or include it here. This includes: threats, harassment, hate speech, sexist or snide comments, bigotry, lewdness or comments of an explicit nature, human nudity, illegal content, provoking rants or venting, illegal content, dishonesty, unsolicited promotional or advertising content, or content that might be considered objectionable.

We reserve the right to ‘pooper scoop’ – that is to remove such content or comments, as well as those that are irrelevant.

Community Content: The Dogged Details

Just as you expect your dog to understand certain basic behaviours, so does Puppy Tales.  We have our ground-rules for the enjoyment and benefit of all. After all, you wouldn’t want your dog bullied in the park; and neither do we want visitors to Puppy Tales, or ourselves, experiencing harassment or offence.

The Puppy Tales community includes our website, articles, store and on our various social media accounts. If you cannot abide by the basic principles of common sense and courtesy, then we won’t take offence when you decide this isn’t the place for you.

Please paw-se for a few moments to read the following:

Play Nicely

  • Whilst visiting the community always respond to others with courtesy and respect.  Treat others as you wish to be treated (and indeed, how you would like others to comment about, refer to and treat your dog).
  • Great Dane or Chihuahua? Opinions differ, just as dogs do, so listen with an open mind to alternative points of view and refrain from negative or critical judgement.
  • We love it when people share information or their experiences, but do so with meaning, sincerity and with the aim of inspiring others.
  • Puppy Tales is a global canine community attracting all types of dog-lovers. They have the right to feel comfortable and their views heard politely, even when they differ from yours.
  • Be yourself! We recommend using your own profile and real information rather than an alias. People prefer to engage with a real person with a real pet passion!
  • We love it when you share your thoughts, stories, photos, videos and other content you’ve created on our sites or by using our hashtags #puppytales and #puppy_tales. However, please be aware that doing so gives us permission to share the awesomeness or repost content.  Whenever we can, whenever we know the details, this will, of course, be with credit.
  • Puppy Tales is Australian based but with an international audience.  We always try to share information that’s relevant and helpful, however it’s not always feasible or fitting to include all the content submitted to us.
  • Be mindful of your privacy. Never share anything you do not want public, including emails, phone numbers, and postal addresses.  Double check what info might be contained in a photo you share – we’ve often seen phone numbers on dog tags!
  • Keep discussions on topic and relevant.
  • We love sharing from our website and social media accounts but don’t post our content as your own or give the impression the material is yours.  

In the Dog House

  • Puppy Tales is not to be used for promoting yourself or your business, soliciting ‘Likes’ or ‘Fans’, or to gain votes for competitions. Bad dog!
  • We also don’t promote dogs that are for sale or ‘free to a good home’ as we can’t verify the ethical practices of those involved or that may become involved.
  • Our site and community is not to be used as a means of advertising for free.
  • Don’t share content from other sites or social media accounts to our site or social media accounts that is not yours to do so.
  • Don’t plagiarise Puppy Tales content or breach our copyright – that includes written text, photography, video, graphics and anything else created by Puppy Tales and protected under law.  We check, and are also often notified by others when this occurs.
  • Don’t use our content for your commercial endeavours without having obtained our prior permission to do so. 

The Puppy Tales Commitment

  • We take copyright seriously. When developing and sharing our content, we do so in accordance with these guidelines and take every care to ensure that the original creator is happy for us to do so. It can happen that people have shared or tagged content that is not theirs and/or which they don’t have permission to do so with. If for whatever reason we inadvertently share your content and that is against your wishes, please contact us and we will do our best to immediately rectify the issue or remove it.
  • When members fail to abide by our Community Guidelines, we undertake to block or ban them (without notice) for the benefit of other visitors. Our bite can be worse than your bark!
  • Please report anything contravening these guidelines to us at [email protected]
  • Disclaimers:
    • We take care to provide accurate, honest and informed content. However, please verify any guidance relevant to your dog or circumstances, with your own pet professionals. 
    • Any downloadable files on the site, including but not limited to PDF’s, doc’s, jpeg’s, png’s, are provided at the end-user’s own risk. Puppy Tales will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages resulting from a corrupted or damaged file.
  • We regularly review and update these guidelines in response to new features, and we recommend you check back once in a while.

Dogs are Divine but to Err is Human…

We do it because we love it! Puppy Tales is run by a small team of real people who care deeply about dogs and the content shared. We don’t have a big team of content creators, community managers, graphic designers, editors, writers, producers etc. It takes us considerable dedication and time to generate the content, and respond to your comments and queries. And we really try to get it right.

99.9% of the time your feedback and comments bring us incredible happiness. But sometimes, when we do make errors – especially little ones like typos, spelling, or get it just a bit wrong (we are human, after all) – it’s disheartening to receive excessively negative, rude or attacking comments for those small mistakes. You wouldn’t chastise your dog like that, and we ask that don’t do it to us!

Warm wags, Puppy Tales

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