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Charlie Be Good: handmade dog accessories from Paris

A husband and wife duo who hand make their dog accessories from Paris… what a delight! Actually, they do more than that; they also craft beautiful home decor as well. It is always great to find people who share our enthusiasm for dogs and incorporate it so heavily into what they do everyday. So let me introduce you to the beautiful dog brand Charlie Be Good.

Based in Paris, Malgosia (one of the creators) explains to me how she loves to comb through her favourite textile district Marche Sainte Pierre in Montmartre (that eversolovely place at the foot of the Sacre Coeur) to create their range of handmade dog beds and accessories. Charlie Be Good started with her and her husband’s desire to spoil their Border Terrier Charlie: “We thought it’d be a super idea to encourage other dog owners to spoil theirs too. And we’re “just a little” nuts about dogs, so it really gave us an opportunity to put our heads together to create something as a wife & hubby duo.”

Charlie Be Good Dog Brand from ParisNavy Braided Stripes Canvas Pet Bed

All textiles in the range are hand selected and most of them are one-of-a-kind or limited editions. Living in Paris definitely gives them the unique opportunity to seek these amazing textiles out and offer a bit of the “French touch” to their customers. They also screen print their own original designs. Malgosia explains “anything we dream and make gets our complete attention to quality and craftsmanship. It’s what matters to us most”.

Charlie Be Good Dog Brand from Paris owners at workMalgosia and Charlie

All this handmade love definitely takes more time than anything you will find readily manufactured in a store. Anything they make must meet their high standards of what they consider to be a well crafted item and it all starts with the right textile. Charlie Be Good makes their goods through a process that they have adjusted and perfected over time through lots of trial and error to ensure they make a finished product that they themselves would want to buy.

Charlie Be Good Dog Brand from ParisDog Bow Ties – Blue and White Seersucker Denim and the Mini White Polka Dots on Bright Red Cotton

At the heart of it, Charlie Be Good don’t like to waste time on materials and products that won’t last. They believe that if something is hand- and well-made, their customers will take better care of those items. But it’s also about the whole experience of purchasing something and being a more conscious consumer that is a reward in itself!

Charlie Be Good Dog Brand from Paris

Find out more about the Charlie Be Good range on their Etsy Store, or you can follow along with them on Facebook.


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