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Dog Life

Information, guidance and tips for helping your dog live their best life. From getting your first dog through to senior care it’s all here – nutrition, health, products, training & behaviour, home living. You’ll also find articles from Puppy Tales ‘Top Dog’ Kerry in Editor’s Choice and stories of some incredible hero & star dogs!

Dog Business Life

Dogs in the Office: Little Gold Studios

Little Gold Studios in Brunswick, Melbourne is the perfect coworking space for designers, makers, craftspeople, artisans, and creative small businesses of all types. Housed in an old sewing factory this small inspiring community of 10
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Dog Art

An interview with Kim Vargo

We are delighted to have Kim Vargo on the blog today from the AMAZING blog Yellow Brick Home and The Pet Shop — her pet portrait business. Kim is an incredibly inspiring woman and has
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Dog Treats & Recipes

Featured product: SavourLife Dog Treats

Being an Australian Dog Blog, we love to see new Australian-made dog products pop up on the scene. But an Australian company that dedicates 50% of their profits to pet rescue organisations made us jump
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Dog Business Life

An interview with The Dogist

If you follow us on Facebook (and you totally should), you would have seen we have shared several photos of dogs from the ‘Sartorialist’ of the dog world: The Dogist. We came across his dog
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Dog Nutrition

Understanding Canine Food Allergies

Is your dog constantly licking, itching and scratching? Do they have frequent ear infections or poor skin and coat? It’s possible the food you are feeding them could be contributing to their distress. Food allergies
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Dog Training & Behaviour

Top Tips for Toilet Training Your Puppy

The key to successfully toilet training a puppy lies in the motivation of the trainer. You! Yes, that’s right! You are the key to successfully training your puppy to eliminate (wee and poo) in the
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The Puppy Tales Pack

Keiko’s 3rd Birthday Extravaganza

Have you ever thought about throwing a birthday party for your dog but weren’t sure where to start or who to invite? Today Kerry from Puppy Tales photography is sharing some of her tips and
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