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Life With Dogs

Information, guidance and tips for helping your dog live their best life. From getting your first dog through to senior care it’s all here – nutrition, health, products, training & behaviour, home living. You’ll also find articles from Puppy Tales ‘Top Dog’ Kerry in Editor’s Choice and stories of some incredible hero & star dogs!

Tiny crocheted dogs

I would love to be good at crochet. Ever since I was little I have loved little collectible animals. So my half attempts to create a small dog are put to shame by Su Ami,
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Woman whispering in a dog's ear
Life With Dogs

The human-animal connection

When I first started this blog I wrote a mission statement of sorts where I tried to highlight what Puppy Tales stood for: “exploring the further integration of dogs into our society and highlighting the
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The Puppy Tales Pack

RSPCA’s Million Paws Walk

Woof! Keiko is what I’m called, and today I’m taking over to tell of our little adventure on Sunday – when we were off to do the RSPCA‘s Million Paws Walk.  I really should have
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Cover of The French Dog
Dog Book Club

The French Dog

I just came across a book which I had to immediately share with you: The French Dog! It’s a magnificent collection of photos taken in and around the French country-side by photographer Rachael McKenna (née
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Baby in cot with dog watching
Family Life with Dogs

Dogs meet baby!

A new member joined the Puppy Tales team on June 28. That’s when our baby girl, Isadora, finally arrived! I wanted to follow up on our ‘Introducing your dog to a new baby‘ post to
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Amigurumi crocheted dog
Dog Book Club

Japanese ‘Amigurumi’ Dogs

The Japanese have a knack for making incredibly cute things and ‘amigurumi‘ animals are the perfect example of that skill! The word comes from a combination of Japanese words: ‘ami’ meaning crocheted or knitted, and
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Dog in an office with a woman
Dog Business Life

Dogs in the Office

Spending more time with my dogs was one of the benefits of leaving my job in a big office and it definitely influenced my decision to go. My parents had often generously walked my dogs
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