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Information, guidance and tips for helping your dog live their best life. From getting your first dog through to senior care it’s all here – nutrition, health, products, training & behaviour, home living. You’ll also find articles from Puppy Tales ‘Top Dog’ Kerry in Editor’s Choice and stories of some incredible hero & star dogs!

Puppy Tweets device
Dog Product Reviews

Puppy Tweets

So recently I wrote an article about dog gadgets and the latest and greatest item on that list was Puppy Tweets – a device that allows your dog to join the twitterverse! After reading about
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Gadgets for the geeky dog

There’s the old cliche that dogs look like their owners. (Or is it that owners look like their dogs?) Well, if you’re a geeky dog owner, you not only get all the benefits of owning
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Plush Dog Toy
Dog Product Reviews

Cuddlies Muff Pups Plush Toy

The first toy we bought Cress was one of these plush dogs, he loved it so much he would snuggle in bed with it. Since that first dog, several have entered our house all nice
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Dog Product Reviews

Ezzie Dog Bed

We have a shed in the backyard for the dogs to use when we are not at home. However, Cress and Eddie don’t seem to like to spend much time in there even when it
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Twist'n Chew Toy
Dog Product Reviews

Twist’n Chew Toy

Eddie chews anything she can pick up and take back to her bed. Pens, credit cards, shoes and underwear are amongst her favourites. So I thought one of the first things we should road-test was
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