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Unleash the Power of Fetching Phodography for Your Pet Business with Our Free Guide!

Calling all petpreneurs and biz owners in the pet industry! 

Are you tired of having to use mediocre stock photography on your website? Rolling your eyes at or seen everywhere visuals for your social media, and other marketing materials? 

Do you want to step up your brand and enhance your marketing with stunning eye-catching visuals that capture the essence of your business? 

Look no further!

Visual communications are huge part of the messaging you give to the world about your brand and business. Photography for those in the dog and pet industry is incredibly powerful for communicating without saying a word. Photos share emotions, stories and allow for your community, clients & customers to get to know and connect with you & your business.

Our free guide, “Business and Branding Photography: The Definitive Checklist Guide for Unleashing the Photography You’ll Need” is here to help you think through and identify all the potential places and uses you will have for photography. 

From this you can commence building or continue growing your Photography & Visual Assets Library. And THAT will enable you to unlock the power of photography and visual communications in ‘speaking’ to your people!

This guide has been developed exclusively for dog and pet-based businesses like yours. You’ll be able to identify the specific photography needs of your business, whether it’s
* highlighting your products and services,
* making sure your website looks it’s best, or
* showcasing your furry clients. 

It’s the pawfect starting point working with a professional to bring the visual behind your business to life!

In this Free Guide we give you every possible photography need so you can conveniently create a checklist of your requirements. 

OUR GUIDE identifies photography required for:

Meet the Author & Photographer

Hey there! I’m Kerry, the canine-loving creative behind Puppy Tales. I love all things dog, photography & travel.  I’m dog mum to two much-adored (and much-spoilt!) dogs, Keiko & Summer. 

<——— That’s them!

Professionally, I’ve been photographing pets & people for over 10 years. I’m a Master of Photography and have won numerous awards, including having been an Australian Pet/Animal Photographer of the Year. These awards were with photos taken for pawrents just like you. Each pet offers something incredibly unique and special, and each session is treated like an award-winning one.  I can’t wait to meet you and your best friend!

Download our free guide today and become the next top dog in your area!

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