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Dog Breeds

Greyhound ~ Breed Profile

Bred for sport and yet gentle house dogs, the Greyhound is a breed worthy of a place on anyone’s couch. The ideal Greyhound home comes equipped with a large sofa (for the dog to stretch
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Dr Katrina's Top 5 Tips to Raising a Puppy
Dog Training & Behaviour

Dr Katrina’s Top 5 Tips to Raising a Puppy

There’s nothing quite like the fun and delight of a new puppy. Choosing a four-legged family member and bringing them into your home is an exciting time. Right from the start, thoughtful care and management
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Paw it Forward: Good Deeds with Dogs
Life With Dogs

Paw it Forward: Good Deeds with Dogs

Recently I heard this moving true story about a man and a dog. The man is a war veteran suffering post traumatic stress. His experiences have left him deeply disturbed. In fact he was so
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Hero Dogs

Guide Dogs: Access All Areas

You love your dog, they bring incredible happiness and are part of the family, but would you trust them with your life everyday? Actually, this is what the visually impaired people who are Guide Dog
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Family Life with Dogs

Kids and Puppies: Great Expectations?

Growing up with a dog is the stuff of many happy childhood memories.  The arrival of a brand new puppy brings incredible excitement for the whole family, including the kids. Done right, young children learn
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Hero Dogs

Canine Heroes, Dogs in War, Dogs of Hope

This Saturday the 25th of April marks the 100th anniversary of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, or ANZAC, landing at Gallipoli. This landing was seen as the “birth of nationhood” – it was the
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RSPCA Million Paws Walk

. This post is brought to you by Nuffnang and RSCPA Victoria. Did you know this year marks the 20th year of the RSPCA Million Paws Walk in Victoria? That’s a long time that the RSPCA and
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