AIPP ACT/NSW Professional Photography Awards

Back in March I let everyone know on the Akemi Photography Facebook Page  how it went at the Australian Institute of Professional Photography ACT and NSW State photography awards.  In case you missed it, I was incredibly pleased (and surprised I must add) to receive two Gold Awards, two Silver with Distinction Awards and four Silver Awards.  An incredible outcome and well beyond any expectations that I had in entering.  Anyway, a number of my friends on the page asked to see the images entered, so here are those that received Silver Awards.

Family Category – Silver Award

A sweet little moment captured last year between a girl and her guinea pig.  The Guinea Pigs name is ‘Black Eyed Pea’ and I think thats just awesome!

Portrait Category – Portrait Category

This lovely kitty is Nancy and will hear a little more about this gal and some of her friends in the coming months – she’s part of a special project that I’ve been working on….!

Family Category – Silver Award

That now makes three awards that this image has won having received a Highly Commended in the Edge Imaging Excellence Awards and Winner Group Portrait in the WPPI Second Half 10×8 Competition.  I’m pretty pleased that people seem to like it because I love this photo!  Its exactly what Akemi Photography stands for – capturing your entire family!

Landscape Category – Silver Award

This final image was taken at Zion National Park on our recent holiday to the USA.  After a bit of an early morning hike in the dark we were treated to this beautiful sunrise.  Definitely made the early morning worthwhile!

The Silver with Distinction and Gold Award prints, I have entered into the National Awards which will be judged this weekend.  I’ll post these when I know how they go – wish me luck because they will be mixed in with the photography of some of the incredibly talented photographers found in Australia. Actually that said, if they bomb, I may not!!

Kerry Martin

Kerry is 'Top Dog' here at Puppy Tales. With her own adored dogs, she completely gets that your four legged furry buddy is absolutely part of the family. That they sleep on the bed, that you want to take them everywhere, that you plan holidays so they’re included & that their presence makes your life incredible.