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    1. Skye and Ginny the Border collie sisters

      April 4, 2017

      These lovely fur-sisters are big-sis Skye (14 months) who is a Border collie cross Golden retriever, and baby-sis Ginny (six…

    2. Sky the Border Collie

      January 11, 2017

      Cody is six months old and comes from Queensland, Australia. This is her first summer, and she’s finding the hot…

    3. Clancy the Border Collie

      November 24, 2016

      This is one of those “Awww” throwback moments, because this picture of Clancy the Border collie shows him as a…

    1. Huxley the Border Collie

      November 16, 2016

      Photo call for Huxley the Border collie! Now what do you suppose might be running through Huxley’s mind? His expression…

    2. Black Jack the Border Collie

      November 10, 2016

      Too bad it’s a wet Sunday! Blackjack the seven-month, Border collie from Sydney wishes he was playing chase, but the…

    3. Baxter Junior the Border Collie

      August 8, 2016

      This BJ enjoying the warm waters of Noosa Bay, Queensland. This 10-month old loves the water and thrives in the…

    1. Chino the Border Collie

      August 3, 2016

      Cool, calm, and collected sums up Chino the Border collie. Chino is taking things easy after a recent diagnosis of…

    2. Nana the Border Collie

      July 2, 2016

      You’ve heard of meerkats…but meerdogs? This is Nana the three-year old Border collie from Norway. And if you’re wondering why…

    3. Luna the Border Collie

      May 4, 2016

      This babe with the big paws is a gorgeous lilac and white Border collie called Luna. She joined her pet…

    1. Storm the Border Collie

      April 26, 2016

      Don’t you just love it when a dog colour-coordinates his toys with his eye colour and fur? The boy with…

    2. Molly the Border Collie

      April 23, 2016

      If you look carefully you’ll spot Molly the Border collie pup is in the gutter. She jumped in, chasing after…

    3. Benjamin the Border Collie

      March 31, 2016

      Benjamin is a blue merle Border collie from Brazil and he believes in being busy, busy, busy. At just over…

    1. Molly the Border Collie

      March 27, 2016

      Molly the chocolate collie from Brisbane may look sweet as a sweet-thing on sweet-pills, but looks can be deceptive as…

    2. Clancy the Border Collie

      February 29, 2016

      This handsome (and surprisingly clean!) Border collie is Clancy, who is nearly a year old now and lives in Australia….

    3. Bonnie the Border Collie

      February 15, 2016

      This sleeping sweetie is Bonnie from Australia. She’s just seven-months old and is a chocolate-merle Border collie. Actually, as we’ve…

    1. Quinn the Border Collie

      February 9, 2016

      Quinn is a 3 month-old Border collie, although you could be forgiven for thinking this cutie is also part panda,…

    2. What I’ve learnt in 12 months of Summer (our dog)

      First 12 months with our Puppy Summer

      February 4, 2016

      Happy Gotchya Day Summer! It’s twelve months to the day since our little gorgeous golden girl Summer arrived. She joined…

    3. Forest the Border Collie

      January 31, 2016

      Here at Puppy Tales we love to see dogs being dogs, and which is one of the many reasons we…

    1. Storm the Blue Merle Border Collie

      January 27, 2016

      Meet Storm, a definite contender for cutest #TongueoutTuesday…. but we’ll have to make that #TongueoutWednesday even though it doesn’t quite…

    2. Clancy the Border Collie

      January 17, 2016

      Talk about life being a bed of roses! In the case of Clancy the Border collie, this 10-month old from…

    3. Forest the Border Collie

      January 9, 2016

      Forest, a one-year old Border collie from Brisbane, enjoys some head down – bottom up fun in the sand. This…

    1. Billie Girl the Border Collie

      December 1, 2015

      Beautiful Billie Girl is like a fine wine, she’s matured with age! Although no longer in the first flush of…

    2. Clancy the Border Collie

      October 25, 2015

      Clancy is a six­ month old Border collie from Australia. Clearly he has the Border collie ability to herd and…

    3. Badge the Border Collie

      October 12, 2015

      This is Badge, a female Border collie pup and here she is having fun with her squeaky toy. Did you…

    1. Chino the Border Collie

      October 1, 2015

      Gotta love those eyebrows and the “wise owl” expression. This is Chino, a beautiful Border collie from Noosa, Queensland. She’s…

    2. Kevin the Border Collie

      September 19, 2015

      A poignant picture of a lovely Border Collie pup called Kevin. Tragically, Kevin passed away aged just 15 weeks after…

    3. Grover the Border Collie

      September 7, 2015

      Grover is a rescue border collie who is now living a life of freedom, open spaces, and love. He loves…

    1. Mako the Border Collie

      August 7, 2015

      Mako has it all: handsome, fit, great body…and a sense of humour – you could wish this Border Collie was…

    2. Timmy the Border Collie

      August 5, 2015

      Border collie Timmy has such an open and honest expression, it makes your heart melt. Although what those endearing eyes are…

    3. Martha the Border Collie

      July 2, 2015

      This is Martha the Border collie from Australia. She knows just how to wind Mum round her littlest furry toe….

    1. Summer the Border Collie

      June 13, 2015

      Is that a cloud in the sky? No, it’s Summer! Summer as in an inquisitive Border collie pup from Melbourne,…

    2. Clancy the Border Collie

      June 8, 2015

      Those stunning blue eyes belong to Clancy, a three-month old, chocolate and white Border collie from Australia. But wait! What’s…

    3. Border Collie Puppies

      May 25, 2015

      Is there anything cuter than a puppy? OK – Trick question- the answer is two puppies! And if there’s anything…

    1. Opie the Border collie cross Retriever

      April 16, 2015

      This pup is Opie, a Border collie cross Retriever, who lives in Melbourne. Looks like he has a favourite toy!…

    2. Clover the Border Collie

      April 8, 2015

      There ought to be a special word for a group of three intelligent Border collies… (Suggestions please!) This is Clover…

    3. Vito the Border Collie

      March 25, 2015

      Vito, the border collie, takes a break from playing in the snow to gaze wistfully at the camera. I wonder…

    1. Meet Sammy… the Border Collie x Cuddle Pot

      Meet Sammy the Border Collie Cuddle Pot

      February 19, 2015

      Name: Sammy Breed: Border Collie x Kelpie Age: 3 years Where in the World would we mostly find you? Outside…

    2. Clover the Border Collie

      February 8, 2015

      Clover the border collie lives up to her name. As her pet parent so eloquently puts it: A good friend,…

    3. Luca the Border Collie x Heeler

      February 3, 2015

      What’s that you say? I’m the cutest, cleverest dog in the whole wide world? Meet Luca, a border collie-heeler cross…

    1. Dusty the Border Collie

      January 24, 2015

      This handsome chap, Dusty, is one chilled dude, and to keep his cool Dusty enjoys resting in his favourite shady…

    2. Meet Holly & Ace….Australia’s Smartest Dogs!

      January 15, 2015

      Want to meet the gorgeous dog crowned Australia’s smartest? Ace, the border collie, was named Australia’s Smartest Dog last year…

    3. Anika the Border Collie

      January 7, 2015

      Those bright eyes say it all – Throw the ball. Happiness is a Border Collie with something to chase. This makes…

    1. Little Sawyer the Border Collie

      January 3, 2015

      “But I don’t need a bath…and besides, you know what happened last time I got wet.” Little Sawyer is a…

    2. Gorgeous Doggie Trio ~ 12 Days of Christmas

      December 22, 2014

      Jett the Border Collie just want to be David Bowie for Christmas Santa… We told him it was ridiculous just…

    3. Meet Rosie….the most loveable border collie

      November 27, 2014

      Name: Rosie Breed: Border Collie Age: 1 Where in the World would we mostly find you? Exploring and following the…

    1. Lenni the Border Collie

      November 23, 2014

      Oh puppy – you’re the one!  You make ……. being on the internet oh so fun!  And adorable. And sweet….

    2. Meet Tux ~ the Dog who Paddle Boards


      October 30, 2014

      Name: Tux Breed: Border Collie crossed with Who-Knows-What (maybe Lab from his appetite, or maybe Staffy from his muscly legs!)…

    3. Rosie the Border Collie

      October 22, 2014

      There’s just something about a crazy puppy photo that means you can’t help but smile when you see one!  And…

    1. Wilma the Border Collie

      October 16, 2014

      Doggies and their toys – does it get any cuter? This adorable girl is Wilma and she’s a border collie…

    2. Dandy the Border Collie

      October 9, 2014

      Meet Dandy, the border collie. Born in Melbourne, he now lives in Indonesia. Follow along with his adventures – instagram…

    3. Momoron, Nicolas and Rayleigh the Border Collies

      September 8, 2014

      These three Border Collies are called Momoron, Nicolas and Rayleigh. They are such a cute team that go on a…

    1. Momo gets a ladybug kiss

      September 8, 2014

      A ladybug kiss for the famous Momo of Find Momo. Such a cute little pic of two beautiful animals! See…

    2. Instagram by evys_mom

      June 18, 2014

      This is the beautiful Cricket, she is a 2 year-old Border Collie from Wisconsin, USA. See more amazing photos of…

    3. Instagram by katticket

      May 30, 2014

      This is Pin the incredibly cute Border Collie from Germany to see more of Pin and his furry brothers and…

    1. Instagram by springsky

      August 6, 2013

      This is Hal the Border Collie from Tokyo, Japan! See more of Hal on his Instagram page.

    2. Instagram by aisha_marieh

      April 3, 2013

      This is Dapper the gorgeous Border Collie! What a great name 🙂 If you would like to see more of…

    3. Dogs teaching chemistry!

      Paige the Border Collie is back with her friend Dexter to teach us a quick chemistry lesson! Using their toys and hula hoops they take us through some great tips on chemical bonds. At University Chemistry was by far the subject a struggled with most but maybe if I had had Paige and Dexter's videos everything would have been a lot clearer, or at least cuter! Check out Paige and Dexter's Facebook pages if you are keen to see more of them.

      /0.jpg" width="100" />

      November 23, 2012

      Paige the Border Collie is back with her friend Dexter to teach us a quick chemistry lesson! Using their toys…

    1. Paige the Border Collie!

      Paige you are not only gorgeous but you would be so much help around the house. Could you please come past our place and teach Eddie and Cress how to load the washing machine! I also love your friend the ginger cat, what a cutie. We look forward to seeing your future adventures captured on video!

      /0.jpg" width="100" />

      July 24, 2012

      Paige you are not only gorgeous but you would be so much help around the house. Could you please come…

    2. Manly Dogs Day Out 2012

      July 19, 2012

      The annual Manly Dogs Day Out is fast approaching. This year it will be held on Sunday the 5th of…

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