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Means: Look at me, look at me, look at me, no pleeeaassee look at me!  (Actually Means: ‘Adored One’ in Japanese)

Nicknames: Keek’s, Fluff Monster, Keek Mo, Fluffy, Fluff Ball, Fluff Nut, Fluff Hound, Little Man, Nugget, Nuggie.

Breed: Japanese Spitz

Birthday: 18th December

Loves: Walkies, cuddles on the couch, the car air conditioner blowing his fur back, his rope bone, trying to play with our cats, dinner time.

Whims: Chasing his tail, the crazy hour at dinner time.

Puppy Tales Dog Executive Positions: Director of Smiles, Treat Connoisseur and part time Supermodel Dog



Means: I’m Ready…… Let’s Play (It’s a name derived from the flower Rose ~ which I think you would have guessed)

Nicknames: Nosey, Posey, RoRo, Cheeky Monkey

Breed: Border Collie

Birthday: 18th February

Loves: Everyone!  Also enjoy running, chasing, being with her humans and meeting new people.

Whims: Howling to get our attention, usually because her ball is stuck under furniture; chasing ducks.

Puppy Tales Dog Executive Position: Chief Toy Officer, Ambassador of Fun (she’s a full time Clown and Goof Ball), Exploration Specialist and just being Dog Gone Cute

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Hi! I'm Kerry & this is my best buddy Keiko. Together we want to help you live the best life with your dog and bring you inspiring 'Puppy Tales'! Read more →

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