Featured Dogs Available for Adoption

Puppy Tales pairs with rescues, shelters and photographers capturing profile photos to feature dogs available for adoption from around the world.

Thank you so much for contributing a Dog that is available to be adopted for featuring on Puppy Tales.

One dog each week will be included on the Puppy Tales website and/or Social Media sites. The dogs to be featured will be selected to ensure a mixture of different dog breeds and different locations.

Please ensure that you advise us if a dog you’ve provided the details for has been adopted, goes on trial or is no longer available for adoption – if we feature a dog that is not available for adoption then that’s a missed opportunity to bring attention to another dog.

The Puppy Tales Post

  • Please complete the form below so that we have the information required to feature the dog with the Puppy Tales audience.
  • When providing the description for the dog try to use relatively short sentences and paragraphs – that suit the web.
  • Spell out acronyms or abbreviations as not everyone will know what they stand for.
  • An Available for Adoption example can be found here: Available for Adoption ~ Australian Cattle Dog Adina.


  • Each feature post has at least three good quality images – a feature and two others that clearly show what the dog looks like and, if possible, their personality photographically. You’re welcome to submit additional photos but Puppy Tales will decide those that accompany the post from those that you’ve submitted.
  • The feature image is used at the top of the post and on the homepage as outlined in the screenshots. This image needs to be at least 500 x 333 pixels and should not contain words as HTML text will sit over the top. We can resize images for the feature image if need be.
  • All other images need to be at least 900 pixels wide (if this is not possible you can make a collage from smaller images).
  • Make sure you own the copyright to any photos that are sent or provide the full details of the source.
  • Watermarks may be used on the photos, but are not to obscure the dog or dominate the photo.
  • Please note – photos may be cropped when used on social media.

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