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    1. K9 Scent Scramble Launch

      K9 Scent Scramble Launch

      June 1, 2016

      Wait till your dog gets their nose on this exciting new sport coming to Australia! It’s called the K9 Scent…

    2. Rescued Photography Exhibition

      Rescued Photography Exhibition

      April 21, 2016

      Kathy McMillan, an emerging animal photographer based in Zillmere, has developed a body of work aimed at promoting animal rescue/adoption…

    3. Dogs Unite

      Dogs Unite

      April 11, 2016

      Dogs Unite is a sponsored dog walk. By attending Dogs Unite, your dog will become the hero for the day,…

    1. Pet Angel’s Pet’s Day Out

      Pet Angel's Pet's Day Out

      March 15, 2016

      Just like us pets like a bit of fun too! Bring your family and furry friends down to Pet Angel’s…

    2. Bradfield Bark

      Bradfield Bark

      February 17, 2016

      Fetch your fur-friend and head to Bradfield Park (under the Sydney Harbour Bridge at Milsons Point) to celebrate our canine…

    3. 129 Ways to be Dog-Centered and Give Thoughtfully this December

      129 Ways to be Dog-Centered and Give Thoughtfully this December

      December 2, 2015

      Hands up if you love your dog! This time of year is all about celebrations, giving thanks, and spending time…

    1. The Five Biggest Myths of Dog Adoption

      The Five Biggest Myths of Dog Adoption

      September 29, 2015

      Dog adoption is a life changing experience. Not only are you adding a wonderful new fur-­member to your family, but you…

    2. Paw it Forward: Good Deeds with Dogs

      Paw it Forward: Good Deeds with Dogs

      April 30, 2015

      Recently I heard this moving true story about a man and a dog. The man is a war veteran suffering…

    3. Guide Dogs: Access All Areas

      April 29, 2015

      You love your dog, they bring incredible happiness and are part of the family, but would you trust them with…

    1. Tips for Attending Events with your Dog

      April 20, 2015

      Not every dog is comfortable in crowds and some dogs may even become unhappy or stressed. We know this from…

    2. The Easter Dog Parade

      March 19, 2015

      There will be barking & bonnets galore at the 2015 event on Saturday 21st March at Gladstone Park, Balmain. The…

    3. Why I Foster Puppies

      Jennifer Phelan of Dog Adventures shares with us why she loves to foster puppies. It’s the endless fluffy cuddles. It’s the puppy breath. And more!

      March 3, 2015

      It’s the endless fluffy cuddles. It’s the puppy breath. It’s hearing excited puppy barks during play time. It’s seeing a…

    1. Dog Photo Challenge ~ FUNNY!

      Puppy Tales Photo Challenge - Funny

      February 6, 2015

      We all know dogs and puppies have an incredible ability to make us laugh. They have a wonderful sense of…

    2. Bay Tree Project – Interview with Photographer Stuart Holroyd

      January 29, 2015

      I recently stumbled across some amazing photographs taken of rescue dogs. So gorgeous were they that I had to start…

    3. Meet Holly & Ace….Australia’s Smartest Dogs!

      January 15, 2015

      Want to meet the gorgeous dog crowned Australia’s smartest? Ace, the border collie, was named Australia’s Smartest Dog last year…

    1. 9 Reasons to Let Your Dog Break the Rules!

      Some dog rules were meant to be broken

      January 1, 2015

      How stupendously, eye-poppingly exciting is getting a new dog? On a scale of one to ten, it comes in at…

    2. 11 Things to do Today to ensure your Dog is Always with You

      November 25, 2014

      Regardless of whether your dog is still a playful puppy or a gentle senior – no one likes to link…

    3. Interview with Dr Chris Brown, the Bondi Vet

      November 16, 2014

      Jen (of Dog Adventures) and I and our doggies were invited by Medibank to head out for a day of…

    1. Online Dog Registration finally introduced in Australia!

      August 18, 2014

      A local Sydney council have finally taken the lead and moved their dog registration processes online. I can’t believe in…

    2. Dogs in the Office: HOORAY! Magazine

      August 11, 2014

      It’s great when I find a business that I like, but it’s amazing when I find out that business has…

    3. Oddball: a dog, a farmer & a penguin colony

      August 4, 2014

      A new Australian dog film called ‘Oddball’ has just finished production and is headed for our movie screens in 2015….

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