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Puppy Tales is devoted to the promotion of wonderful relationships between dogs and people. This means exploring the further integration of dogs into our society and highlighting the benefits and enjoyment they can bring to all members of our community. We want to help you live the best life with your dog!

We cover dog health, wellness, photography, nutrition, training, outdoor adventures, events, dogs in the office and the latest pet products and trends. Through our team of dog experts we are here to make your life and your dog’s life easier and more fun.

We know your dog is an integral part of your life and deserves the very best!

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Meet the Puppy Tales Team

Kerry & KeikoKerry & KeikoKerry Martin – Owner, Editor & Photographer

Kerry became a ‘crazy dog lady’ the moment a fluffy white Japanese Spitz puppy named Keiko entered her life. She loves nothing more than spending time with him – exploring a new destination together, snuggles on the couch or using him as a muse for her photography. As a result of the incredible connection she has with Keiko, Kerry completely gets that your four legged furry buddy is absolutely part of the family. That they sleep on the bed with you, that you take them everywhere you can, that you plan holidays so that they are included and that their presence makes your life even more incredible.

As well as the Editor of Puppy Tales, Kerry is ‘Top Dog’ at Akemi Photography. Based in Melbourne, Akemi Photography specialises in photographing pets and the people who love them. The sessions are conducted both in studio and on location so that she can truly capture the incredible and unique personality of your ‘furkid’. Location retreats and sessions are held in spectacular Australian destinations like the snow, fields of flowers, amidst all the colour of autumn and at perfect beaches.

PS – With two gorgeous kitties named Kimba and Mr Magoo, Kerry is also a ‘crazy cat lady’!

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Abbie and Little BearAbbie & Little Bear Dr Abbie Tipler

Dr Abbie Tipler BVSc, MACVS (surgery), is a Small Animal Veterinarian with 10 years experience. She currently practices in Sydney’s Lower North Shore (Mosman Veterinary Hospital).

Her special interest is Small Animal Surgery and she worked in an orthopedic referral practice in London for nearly four years. After this she studied towards and obtained her Memberships in Small Animal Surgery from the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists. Although surgery is her passion, she loves all aspects of General Practice work, especially canine medicine. She regularly attends Veterinary Conferences and Seminars worldwide. Most recently she attended the World Small Animal Veterinary Association Conference in New Zealand and obtained her PennHip Certification. Pennhip is a radiographic technique used to help detect and therefore reduce, the prevalence of hip dysplasia in canines.

This year she was awarded a Rotary Award for Vocational excellence, for her work within the
profession. She lives in Sydney’s Lower North Shore with her two Ragdoll cats: Little Bear and Mr Tuffy.

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Dr Jo joins Puppy TalesDr Jo with Billy & Anika Dr Jo Paul

Dr. Jo Paul BVSc (hons) BSc CMAVA is a practicing small animal veterinarian with a big heart and a passion for helping four-legged family members live happy, healthy lives.  Also a self-confessed nerd, she makes it her mission to keep learning every day in order to offer her patients the best care possible. To this end Jo will be voluntarily sitting examinations in June, hoping to take a few steps down the long path towards becoming a specialist in small animal medicine.

Some of the things Jo loves, in no particular order, include her two fur-kids Anika and Billy, her human kids Liam and Cameron, having litters of foster kittens run amok around her home, her incredible, special patients and their families, and pretty much anyone and everyone who loves their pets!  And of course her husband, Darren, who displays extraordinary tolerance to her tendency to bring work home.

Jo is so excited to be joining the Puppy Tales team in 2015.  If she had a tail it would be wagging happily.

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Barx Active Puppy Tales ContributorKaren

Karen Uden

Karen Uden is a Physiotherapist, and the Director of Barx Active. Karen is passionate about helping people to live an active life, with their dog by their side. Frustrated when her dog couldn’t join in with an outdoor group fitness session that she attended, Karen decided to launch Barx Active, together with her husband (and fellow Physio) Dan, and their border collie cross, Tux. These days you can find Karen, Dan and Tux running a team of dog inclusive Group Fitness Instructors, co-ordinating dog friendly hikes, and planning other awesome dog inclusive fitness events and programs.

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Sam Martin with Japanese Spitz KeikoSam & Keiko Sam Martin, Crazy Dog Guy

Sam is a self-confessed ‘crazy dog guy’….and Keiko & Summer’s other parent. He enjoys spending time with his wife Kerry, Keiko and the newest addition to their family, Summer the Border Collie. Combining his passion for his family, travel, animals and the outdoors is what he loves doing the most. He loves exploring new destinations and seeing how his fur kids react to new situations and environments. The snowfields, surf beaches and everything in between is on the agenda for Sam and his little mates.

As an Engineer, Sam is also interested – some would say nerdy – when it comes to new gadgets and technology designed to entertain and stimulate your furry friend. He is always trying to think of how it works and if it could be done better.  Sam is hoping to teach Summer a few tricks, and to learn a few from her as well. Being able to maintain her exercise and mental stimulation is a challenge that he is looking forward to sharing with the Puppy Tales family, as well as the adventures he will have with is family in new destinations.

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Lisa, Cress and EddieLisa, Cress & Eddie Lisa Miller – Founder

Lisa Miller is a blogger, digital strategist, business coach, zoologist and crazy dog-lady! She started Puppy Tales in late 2010 for dog-lovers who care deeply about the welfare of their furry companions. The website was the culmination of her passion for animals and her 10 years of web experience. In October 2014 she passed the role of Editor and Owner of Puppy Tales over to Kerry to focus on her new online home – Multiples of Two – where she helps other women realise their own business dreams.

Lisa lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband, two kids, two dogs and two cats. That equates to a lot of fun and vacuuming. Her dog’s names are Cresswell and Edwina (or Cress and Eddie) and they were the original inspiration and heart behind this site!

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