Online Dog Registration finally introduced in Australia!

by Lisa on August 18, 2014

A local Sydney council have finally taken the lead and moved their dog registration processes online. I can’t believe in 2014 Sutherland Shire Council are the first Australian Council to do so! We think this a fantastic move by them and hope other councils Australia-wide soon adopt the same technology and move to online dog registration as well.

Even here at Puppy Tales where we are obviously devoted to our dogs it was hard when we got each dog to find the time (within council hours) to go into council chambers* and register the details. I think it is also confusing for many owners because their dog gets microchipped at 12 weeks of age (or before sale by a shelter or a breeder) and are then told to wait until their dog is desexed at 6 months to register them, as the price changes. Sutherland Shire Council are using SMS alerts to remind owners who have microchipped their animals to take the next mandatory step and lifetime register their animal, which has resulted in a significant increase in animal registrations.

Dog and woman looking at a computer

Sutherland Shire Mayor, Steve Simpson said Sutherland Shire Council has led the way in many areas of responsible pet ownership. “Here in the Shire we have one of the highest rates of animal registrations in the state and by offering this new online service we are making it quick and easy to register your family pet. The days of having to visit council in person to register your new dog or cat are gone, so now everyone can be a responsible pet owner,” the Mayor said.

Registering your pet is not only a legal requirement in Australia but is also where your dog’s microchip data is stored. So if they end up at a local pound or veterinary office it is the council’s database that will be checked in order to find out who owns that animal. We are hoping that this also means that important animal data will also be available outside of council hours and dogs that get lost on Friday night won’t have to wait until Monday morning to be returned to their owner.

If you haven’t registered your dog go and check your local council’s website to find out the details and discover what forms they require.

* Some councils allow you to post your form and details in.

  • Lynda

    Being able to register your dog online is fantastic, it makes moving towns just a little bit easier. I was able to register my dog online in Brisbane during 2013 and it’s great to see other councils offering the same service online.

  • MaryAnn

    I live in Holdfast Bay in South Australia and I simply make a phone call and re-register my dog over the phone. to register him initially, 5 years ago, I did it by post. A very simple process

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