Oddball: a dog, a farmer & a penguin colony

by Lisa on August 4, 2014

A new Australian dog film called ‘Oddball’ has just finished production and is headed for our movie screens in 2015. It features the story of an Australian Chicken farmer who came up with the idea that the Maremma Sheepdogs he used to protect his chickens from foxes could also be used to protect the Middle Island Little Penguin colony whose numbers were dangerously low after foxes had got to the island during low tide events.

Read more about the Oddball story and the film.

Oddball- a dog, a farmer & a penguin colony 





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  • We operate the summer tours that allow guests to come to Middle Island and see the Maremma’s at work. We hope that some of your readers can come and take the tour.

    They will be announced on the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village website soon.

    • Lisa Miller

      Oh great Peter thanks for letting us know!

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