The 13 Project

by Lisa on October 1, 2012

Hobble from Doggie Rescue Hobble from Doggie Rescue

Last week our friend Serena from Pretty Fluffy penned a great post about how — as someone who cares about animals — the number of groups, causes and individuals that need your help can be overwhelming to the point of inaction. This, I think, is a common feeling for many people, us included. But instead of just writing about it Serena has done something about it by creating The 13 Project – a fantastic initiative that ANYONE can get involved in.

If you decide to participate you commit to 13 acts of kindness towards animals before 2013 (or 5 if you are time poor) . Basically one a week in the 13 weeks we have left before 2013. The acts need to be achievable for you and range from fostering a dog, to attending an animal charity event, or sharing the profile of an animal in need of a home on your Facebook page.

The 13 Project

We’ve decided to jump in wholeheartedly to this great initiative, so here is Puppy Tales’ list of goals for The 13 Project:

  1. Share the profiles of dogs looking for a new home on our social media channels and on the blog.
  2. Donate a Puppy Hamper each month to a dog who is looking for a home at a local shelter.
  3. Get signatures on a petition by Clover Moore calling for “pet friendly” policies in apartments, retirement villages and rental properties in NSW.
  4. Find out more about the RSPCA’s Living Ruff Program and see what Puppy Tales can do to help out.
  5. Buy a Ruthless Photos 2013 Fundraising Calendar whose profits go towards helping dogs in need.
  6. Sell my old camera and juicer that I no longer use on eBay and donate the profits to the Animal Welfare League NSW.
  7. Donate as many important products as we can that are listed on the wish list to Doggie Rescue.
  8. Write some posts promoting various shelters and the work they do. If you have a favorite let us know!
  9. Support RSPCA Happy Tails Day on 5th October with a Puppy Tales donation.
  10. Donate all our sample toys that I have not decided to stock to a shelter in need.
  11. Sign this petition to help save greyhounds from a cruel export trade.
  12. Attend a volunteer information session at my local shelter to see how I can get more involved.
  13. Share and promote The 13 Project to inspire others!

Thank you Pretty Fluffy for getting us thinking about these initiatives and what we can do. Hopefully some of our list can be ongoing projects for Puppy Tales.

Note: Hobble in the picture at the top of the page is looking for a home at Doggie Rescue.

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